Q. Can a certain style be made with different hardware (ie; silver, gold, rose gold)?

A. Yes, the hardware you see in many styles can be crafted with different metal hardware. If the hardware you would prefer is not listed currently, please reach out and we would be happy to discuss this with you. 

Q. How should I care for the jewelry?

  • Polymer clay can be quite resilient and a bit flexible, but can still be susceptible to breakage.
  • Items should be removed before bathing or swimming as not all hardware is resistant to changes that could occur from reactions to the water. 
  • Please keep out of reach of young children and pets as these items are small and can be harmful if swallowed or used incorrectly.
  • Clean clay areas with warm water and soap if necessary, then dry hardware promptly.

Q. Why are there multiple products listed that look very similar?

A. Some batches of clay can produce a varied pattern throughout (marbled, striped, slabs…) Instead of showing one style/color combination as an example for the entire batch, we typically list each item separately or with variants so that you can choose the pattern that resonates with you most. Items with multiple variants will allow you to choose your "Style" (lettered: A, B, C, etc...)

Q. What types of metals are used in the designs?

A. A variety of metals is used in the curation of our designs: Sterling silver, nickel-free iron, and stainless steel amongst them. The metals of each design will be listed in the item description. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Q. Are all products finished with resin?

A. No, not all products are finished with resin. As a design choice, some styles are buffed or another texture is added. If you see a style that is not finished with resin, and you would like it coated for protection or to achieve the glossy effect, please reach out to discuss this with us.

Q. Do you take requests for custom orders for special events like weddings or proms?

A. Absolutely! We would love to collaborate with you for your special event. Please reach out via email so we can discuss your ideas! info@staciebrowndesigns.com 

Q. Is the business pet friendly?

A. Yes, we share our home with multiple furbabies (cats and dogs.) While we do our best to keep our working environment clean, that beautiful fur can sometimes make its way into a box or onto a piece of tape. While we sanitize each product and take great care during the packing process, thank you for understanding that this can happen occasionally in a home business.

    Q. What are your refund and shipping policies?

    A. Please see our refund policy and shipping policy for more details.